COVID-19 Guidelines and Protocols

The guidelines and protocols outlined in this document are subject
to revision as needed to reflect local, state, and federal guidance.

Our schools are designed to educate students through social, face-to-face interactions, in
relatively close spaces and in large groups. The benefits of this approach to education are well
accepted. With an increased number of the population being vaccinated as well as new guidance

from the CDC and our local health department, we are able to make changes to our reopening
plans from the previous year.

We also know our community prioritizes student and staff safety and expects a thoughtful and
common sense approach to a COVID response plan. As we plan for a school year we will
continue to monitor new information on the COVID-19 pandemic and make changes as needed
based on cases in our schools and community and new research as it becomes available.

The Windsor C-1 School District will be accessible to all students. Research over the course
of this past year has clearly shown us the overwhelming benefits to in-person
instruction. Accordingly, we will not be offering virtual instruction as we did last year, which
was taught by our District staff members. Rather, a student who chooses to apply to attend
courses virtually will have to do so through the MOCAP program only.
General Guidelines

The Windsor C-1 School District is offering the following guidance based on local leadership
decisions, which have been derived from guidelines established by local government and health authorities, based upon current factors and information. This is a “working document” and is subject to change, as new information is obtained and regulations evolve at local and regional levels.

It is important to note that while the District will make every effort to provide a safe and
healthy environment for our students and staff, there are inherent risks with participation
in group activities and in-person attendance, during this time. Therefore, the District
cannot guarantee that your child will not be exposed to the virus or those who may have
been affected; but the District will continue to prioritize the safety of your child.

General Parameters:

The District will:
• Limit nonessential visitors into the school.
• Have procedures in place for staff or students when they become or are sick.
• Establish social distancing protocols of three (3) feet for various activities during the
school day to the best extent possible—classroom, cafeteria, gymnasium, playground,
• Continue to practice mitigation strategies that research has shown to be effective.

The District will: Ask staff not to report to work should they have any symptoms of COVID-19

We have a culture of working or going to school when one is sick. We must work towards
changing that culture and encourage everyone to stay home when they are feeling ill.
The Department of Health and Senior Services and the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education advise districts not to implement screening procedures that would force bottlenecks at building entry points, “creating unnecessary situations where students cannot maintain adequate physical distance from one another.”

Therefore, all families are required to self-assess their daily health situation prior to getting on
the bus, attending school, or attending/participating in other extracurricular event(s) in order to
determine if they are ill or are at risk of exposing others to COVID-19.

If students answer yes to any of the following questions, they should NOT come to school that
day. Absences should be reported by calling your child’s building attendance number listed below.

Individuals are advised to contact a healthcare provider if they exhibit symptoms or answered YES to any screening question(s).

District Staff will also be watching for signs and symptoms of illness as students enter the building and classrooms.

The District will provide a protocol for parents to screen their children before sending to
school. This will include a temperature check and screening questions, as follows:

✓ Do you have a temperature higher than 100.4* Fahrenheit? (*Windsor C-1 protocol for
temperatures is 100.0.)
✓ Do you have a household member, or have you been in close contact with someone, who
has been diagnosed with COVID-19 in the past two weeks?
✓ Do you have symptoms of lower respiratory illness such as a new or worsening cough,
shortness of breath, or difficulty breathing?
✓ Have you experienced any chills or repeated shaking with chills?
✓ Have you experienced any muscle pain or headache (different than normal exerciseinduced pain, your seasonal allergies, or other diagnosed condition)?
✓ Have you experienced any sore throat (different than your seasonal allergies or other
diagnosed condition)?
✓ Have you experienced any recent loss of taste or smell?
✓ Have you experienced any recent diarrhea or vomiting?
✓ If the answer is “YES” to any question, you must stay home and contact your
doctor, if needed.

When Someone Is Sick Encourage staff and students to stay home when they are feeling ill. This message will continually be communicated to staff, parents, and students.
CDC COVID Isolation and quarantine.

The District will: (when someone is identified with symptoms):
• Remove the individual immediately.
• If it’s a staff member, that individual will be sent home immediately.
• If it’s a student, they will be removed from the classroom until arrangements can be made
for them to be picked up by a parent or guardian.
• The person should be advised to contact a healthcare provider if they exhibit symptoms
or answered YES to any screening question/s.
• The healthcare provider will be able to determine whether the symptoms are a result of
COVID-19 infection or if there are other health issues.
• Contact one’s local health agency.
• Assist when it is acceptable for the person to return to work or school.
• Follow the guidance of the local health department regarding contact tracing, classroom
or school closure, notification of community, sanitizing protocols, etc.
Contact Tracing
• Windsor C-1 will follow all guidance of the CDC and the Local Health Department
when it comes to quarantines and isolations.
• Windsor C-1 will continue to use seating charts in classrooms and social distance, to
the extent possible, in cafeterias to assist in contact tracing.
• The Health Department will not be quarantining any individual who is wearing a

The District will:
• Follow the federal mandate requiring masks being worn on school buses.
• Parents are encouraged to transport students to and from school, if possible.
• Assign seats to reduce transmission and assist with contact tracing if necessary.
• The District will attempt to “family load”, where all members of one’s family will sit
• Be following specific guidelines to provide social distancing to the best extent possible.

Food Service
Breakfast and lunch will continue to be free to all students.
Freer Elementary/Windsor Elementary/Intermediate Center

• Breakfast carts will be stationed near entry ways for a grab n go style
• It will consist of the entree, fruit, and milk.
o If the meal requires a utensil it will be packed
• We will have multiple stations set up near entry ways to avoid student

• Students will come to the cafeteria at their designated times.
• The meal will be served to each student
• Students will have the option to pick their fruit, vegetable and flavor of milk.
• Once the class has passed through the line, cooks will sanitize the serving line
before a new class enters.

Middle/High Schools

• Breakfast will be served from the cafeteria
o Students will build their meal by selecting choice of entree, fruit, and
flavor of milk
o All food will be easily portable to take to designated eating areas

• Students will come to the cafeteria at their designated times.
• The meal will be served to each student
• Students will have the option to pick their fruit, vegetable and flavor of milk.
• Once the class has passed through the line, cooks will sanitize the serving line
before a new class enters.
This process will be monitored regularly and adjustments will be made accordingly.

The District will:
• Faculty and staff members will be strongly encouraged to wear masks when unable to
social distance 3 feet apart.
• Follow the federal mandate requiring masks being worn on buses.
• Outside visitors will be limited. Vendors and Repairmen will be required to wear masks
if they are in the building while students are in attendance.
• When students are physically present on campus, face coverings will be strongly
encouraged. If both students are wearing a face covering, then quarantine will not be
• Students who are in a high-risk group (previous health concerns, immune deficiency,
etc.) will be highly encouraged to wear a face mask at all times.
Hand Washing and Respiratory Etiquette –
Staff and Students
• Windsor C-1 will encourage students and staff to follow all CDC guidance on
Handwashing and Respiratory Etiquette.
Elementary Lesson for Handwashing
Middle/High School Lesson for Handwashing
Cleaning and Maintaining Healthy Facilities
• Windsor C-1 will continue its enhanced cleaning protocols, which include weekly
fogging of the school buildings, wiping down of high traffic and touch areas.
• Staff will be encouraged to open windows when possible to increase ventilation in the

Water Fountains-Staff and Students
The District will:
• Avoid groups congregating around water fountains waiting for access.
• Allow use of water fountains for filling water bottles only. Students will be encouraged
to bring a water bottle from home.

Student Restrooms/Usage
The District will:
• Limit the number of students in the restroom.
• Administer at least one cleaning a day and clean/wipe down high touch surfaces
throughout the day.
• Implement scheduled restroom breaks so each grade/class can go at a specific time and
avoid mixing students from different classes.
• Mark spaces outside restrooms to provide visual cues to ensure social distancing while

What This Means for The Windsor C-1 School District:

Windsor C-1 will NOT REQUIRE masks for staff and students, which started with
Summer School 2021 unless the infection rate for staff and students in a school building
trends in an escalated fashion, and/or in conjunction with new state and local mandates.
• Masks are required on school buses. (This is a federal mandate.)
• Windsor C-1 will continue to social distance to the greatest extent possible.
• Windsor C-1 will support students and staff who are high risk to wear masks, social
distance, and get vaccinated when possible.
• DESE will no longer offer AMI-X days (Virtual Learning days due to COVID-19)
for the 2021-2022 school year.
• Windsor C-1 will use seating charts in classrooms to assist in contact tracing.
• Windsor C-1 will offer full time virtual learning through the MOCAP/Launch
programs only.
• In the event of a Covid outbreak Windsor C-1 will use the District AMI (Alternative
Means of Instruction) Plan to educate students off campus and virtually.
• Windsor C-1 will send out surveys to gather community input when adjusting and
updating this plan, if necessary.
• Windsor C-1 provide Covid updates, as needed, via multiple platforms (i.e., All
Calls, Social Media, and SMS).

We greatly appreciate the cooperation of our students, staff, and community as we begin
the revised mitigation strategies for the 2021-2022 school year.